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IYFR on the Chesapeake Bay


IYFR promotes the formation of fleets throughout the world to bring together Rotarians that share a common interest in boats.  Fleets work almost like a regular Rotary Club.  They have their own commodores, vice and rear commodores, as well as other officers.  This allows the fleet to organize and sponsor boat/water oriented social and public service activities.

The Chesapeake Bay Fleet is the Chesapeake Yacht Squadron of Chesapeake Bay.  The Yacht Squadron began in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1954.  Its members hail from homeports all over the bay, and has members from Maryland, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

IYFR fellowship is not limited to only large boats.  Some members will have large boats, others have both power and sail boats of varying sizes ranging down to small vessels designed primarily for lake fishing.  Some members don't even have any boat.  The common bond is not the ownership of a boat but the common interest in boating.


Who can join Rotary Yacht Squadron . . . 

  • Any Rotarian in good standing with the home club!

  • Do I need a boat?  NO!  Many members do not own boats but still enjoy the fellowship we offer. 

  • Members who do have boats are often looking for crew and when that crew is a fellow Rotarian, an initial bond is already established.


When you join Rotary Yacht Squadron of Chesapeake Bay . . . 

  • You'll meet other Rotarians from around the Bay that share your interest in boating.

  • Your membership will automatically include membership in the International Fellowship.

  • You will qualify to obtain and display unique International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR) regalia to show your interest in Rotarian yachting.

  • Because we are a member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association (CBYCA), you will be welcomed at fellow member clubs.

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