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International Fellowship


The Fellowship program for Rotarians who want to combine their love of Rotary with their love of boating.

The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR) began in England in 1947, when John Barrett hoisted a Rotary Flag from his yacht.  The IYFR is now the oldest and largest of the Rotary Fellowships with approximately 100 fleets . . . over 1,000 yachts . . . and more than 3,000 members around the world.  IYFR is, as its name implies, an international group.  There are fleets around the world that share your interest in boating and sponsor a variety of water oriented events and activities.   

The yachting fellowship is a group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting all aspects of boating as an opportunity for fellowship and service.

The goals of IYFR are . . . 

  • Advancing international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional individuals united in the ideals of service.

  • Promoting the sports of cruising, racing, yachting, sailing, and boating.

  • Promoting high standards of seamanship, subscribing to and abiding by recognized yachting customs and etiquette on the water.

  • To offer social events and community service opportunities to those Rotarians participating in the sport of yachting, cruising, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, and other water sports which involves ships and boats.


Who can join IYFR . . . 

  • Any Rotarian in good standing with the home club.

  • The spouse of an active Rotarian.

  • Roteract member.


When you join IYFR . . . you'll meet other Rotarians from around the world that share your interest in boating. 

  • You'll have access to the IYFR international roster of over 3,000 Yachting Rotarians worldwide who share your interest in boating and water sports, and that will allow you to get in touch with fellow yachting Rotarians when you travel. 

  • You can join us at our hospitality house at Rotary's International Conventions.

  • Participate in our annual meeting in conjunction with the International Convention. 

  • You'll be eligible to join us for our traditional post International Convention cruise. 

  • You can purchase special IYFR regalia to identify yourself as a member to other yaching friends.

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